MarketView GIS Data Analysis Application

MarketView™ is GeoResults’ Flag Ship online mapping web service that is so simple to use it allows even the most novice user to take advantage of powerful spatial data analysis. MarketView™ can be customized on a client by client basis and our Web Services department will be happy to build a custom module to provide the right solutions that you need to be successful. MarketView™ is standard technology is so robust that will likely exceed most peoples expectation.

MarketView™ is:
  • Flexible – Can be customized on a client by client basis
  • Easy to Use – Analyze data visually or upload a file to append spatial information right from a Web browser.
  • Powerful – A mapping application that is affordable, fast, and extremely accurate.
  • Visual – Maps display over 200+ fields of information per object and
  • Efficient – Benefit from increased productivity by cutting out the middle man and getting the information you need when you need it.
MarketView™ Web Service comes standard with the following services
  • Use MarketView™ to validate the geography of a search
  • Review the data live on the map with over 200+ fields of information per point
  • Map custom boundaries, territories, and assets
  • Toggle between road and aerial maps for improved visual analysis
  • Geocode any standardized address in the U.S.
  • Map a location with latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Map a landmarks by using generic names
  • Map a location by using two intersecting street
  • Geocode one address at a time or batch geocode large files
  • Compute the distance between two points by line of site or the shortest drive time
  • Retrieve images in different formats and sizes, with custom icons, and multiple layers of information
MarketView™ is hosted on GeoResults’ secure 24/7 cloud computing service with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

If you would like to see a demonstration of how MarketView™ can help our sales team will be happy to provide a demo and answer any questions your company may have.