Market Opportunity Analysis

This custom analysis and associated report contains a count of the overall number of Businesses and Commercial Buildings in a specified market along with a count of the number of Businesses and Commercial Buildings that are located with a customized set of Geographic and Customer Market Segments.

This report allows our clients to see the overall business opportunity within a specific market and to understand how that opportunity is distributed across various geographic and customer segments. With this information, Network Engineering and Sales executives can help to focus their scarce capital and human resources on those segments that offer the best profitable opportunity to the business. Market planners can use this market segment information to focus their efforts on developing new product offerings for distinct customer market segments and for determining the geographic market roll out plans for their new products. Geographic Segments can include client specific Divisions, Regions and Key Market Areas as well as standard MSAs, Wire Centers and Zip Codes. Customer Segments can include Voice DS0 lines, Bandwidth, Telecom Spend and Employee Counts as well as the traditional Vertical Industry groups. Building Segments can include Single Tenant Buildings as well as Small, Medium and Large Multitenant Buildings. Network Proximity Segments can include On Net Buildings and various Near Net Building segments.