Customer & Building Opportunity Analysis

GeoResults employs a set of sophisticated proprietary matching algorithms to match the customer database of our clients and their On-Net and Off-Net buildings to our Master Business and Building databases and provide custom profiles and spatial analysis maps to assist in marketing, sales and network planning activities.

By identifying our clients’ On-Net and Off-Net buildings and by identifying and flagging our clients’ current customer base, GeoResults can produce a listing of all new business customer prospects in each client building ranked by telecom bandwidth or spend estimates for focused customer acquisition activities. Also, by identifying and locating a competitive service provider’s On-Net and Off-Net buildings and profiling the business tenants located in these buildings, our clients can develop highly focused competitive customer acquisition strategies and market plans.

GeoResults can also profile the On-Net and Off-Net buildings of our clients, identify and calculate the distance to the serving central office building and closest serving POP location to help our clients to assess potential network cost optimization efficiencies through optimal circuit routing recommendations.