Business Proximity Analysis

This custom analysis and associated report will enable our clients to identify the best addressable Target Business prospects based on the number of Target Businesses in a Target Building and the proximity of the Target Building to available network serving assets. By selecting and focusing sales efforts on their best addressable Target Business prospects, our clients are able to optimize the profitability of their customer acquisition campaigns. To begin this analysis, GeoResults will first identify and locate all of the Target Business prospects. GeoResults will then aggregate the number of Target Businesses that are at individual Building locations and rank these Target Buildings by the number of Target Business tenants.

GeoResults will then identify the closest network serving asset and calculate the shortest linear distance between the Target Business and the closest network serving asset. GeoResults will then produce a detailed business database listing and an associated Target Business Proximity Summary Report that profiles these Target Businesses by both the Number of Target Businesses within a Target Building and the proximity of the Target Building to a specific set of network serving assets such as fiber routes, fiber splice points, On-Net Buildings, HFC Nodes, Pole Attachment Taps or any other network serving asset. To do this, GeoResults will first spatially digitize the existing network serving assets of the client and establish a customized set of proximity distance buffer zones around the network serving assets.

GeoResults will then spatially locate each targeted building or business site, calculate the distance to the nearest existing network serving asset and assign the targeted building or targeted business site to a specific fiber proximity buffer zone. These results can then be appended to the Targeted Business and Targeted Buildings Report as well as summarized in a Market Summary Report. The GeoResults Fiber Proximity Analysis Report is also useful for examination and ranking of a custom market opportunity potential around prospective fiber assets for possible acquisition or development.